Real-Time Signal Analyzer

Hauppauge, NY

Jamming and spoofing, two types of intentional disruption of communications, are ever-increasing threats, and getting ever more difficult to combat. The Narda Safety Test Solutions’ SignalShark real-time signal analyzer monitors, identifies and localizes jamming and spoofing in electronic warfare (EW) attacks on government and satellite communications and makes it possible to combat them. This high-performance receiver is designed for intense signal monitoring and enables localization, which means that if there is an interfering signal emission, SignalShark will find it and can localize it.

SignalShark is a low-SWaP-C optimized and interoperable, commercial off-the-shelf solution that easily adapts to particular mission-driven applications across all domains. The SignalShark sensor can interconnect to hardware that supports situational awareness, for example, and can integrate with any software, such as signal processing and battlefield management systems. SignalShark’s integrated computer means that software is efficiently installed directly on the SignalShark.

Portable, light, compact, and robust, the SignalShark family offers advantages for mobile, flexible, and full coverage monitoring units. All three types – handheld, 19" rack-mounted brick, and outdoor unit – are built with the same high quality and deliver the same RF characteristics such as sensitivity, real-time bandwidth, performance, dynamic range and intelligence. SignalShark’s reliable, stable results are consistent and without limitations, whether in mobile field use, in the command center, or in long-term outdoor applications under extreme environmental conditions.

Of course, localization is essential to elimination of interfering emissions. SignalShark can be paired with the Narda Automatic-Direction Finding Antenna (ADFA), the optimal addition to enable precise and reliable automatic localization of signals in a small footprint that supports stealth and concealment applications.

The SignalShark system actively compensates for the specific values stored in the receiver, antenna, and cable at the factory, and therefore requires no system calibration. Individual elements can be easily replaced, creating a very important logistical advantage.

While still on the move, the operator can overlay a heat map on a local area map on an external display, or use the SignalShark display, as well as view the found direction. SignalShark’s powerful localization software automatically indicates where the signal is most likely to be located, meaning there’s no need for an additional PC.

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