Spectrum Processing Subsystems

Mercury Systems Inc.
Andover, MA
+1 978-256-1300

Mercury Systems Inc., a company that specializes in trusted, secure mission-critical technologies for aerospace and defense, recently announced a new family of open architecture electromagnetic spectrum (EMS) processing subsystems that will enable customers to develop and deploy electronic warfare and signal intelligence solutions more rapidly and cost-effectively than typical custom solutions. The new MPS1101 and MPS1202 customizable subsystems include radio frequency (RF) transmit/receive, digitization and processing building blocks and feature application-ready open middleware for a wide variety of uses such as electronic attack, EMS monitoring and software-defined radio, reducing integration time while providing a low-cost path toward system upgrades.

“Custom electromagnetic spectrum processing solutions are often difficult to upgrade and take a significant amount of time to develop,” explained Mark Bruington, vice president and general manager of Mercury Spectrum Systems. “Unlike traditional, custom approaches, our new open architecture-based subsystems provide trusted, secure out-of-the-box functionality with turnkey middleware and hardware. Customers get the latest in innovation with high-performance RF and digital signal processing and can easily upgrade their subsystems as new software applications become available.”

Mercury’s new EMS processing product family leverages common technology across multiple form factors and COTS vendors. Integrated, tested and validated by Mercury, these subsystems help customers reduce technical and operational risk, compress development cycles and quickly deploy new programs.

  • The MPS1101 high-performance OpenVPX development subsystem provides open hardware, software and firmware to accelerate system deployment through a modular, composable and reconfigurable architecture, making it ideal for development electromagnetic spectrum processing applications, including secure comms and radar.

  • The MPS1202 rugged broadband tactical subsystem offers customers a high-performance solution for system development and sustainment, packing substantial RF, FPGA and CPU processing in a small and rugged form factor.

Mercury Systems is a technology company serving the aerospace and defense industry, positioned at the intersection of high-tech and defense. Headquartered in Andover, Mass., the company delivers solutions that power a broad range of aerospace and defense programs, optimized for mission success in some of the most challenging and demanding environments.

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