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Attacking the Cybersecurity Threat

SAE Standards News aims to update readers on the extensive activity in the SAE Global Ground Vehicle Standards development arena, by more than 800 ground vehicle committees comprised of volunteers from...

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U.S. DoT Chooses SAE J3016 for Vehicle-Autonomy Policy Guidance

The U.S. Dept. of Transportation's policy guidance released Sept. 20 on the testing and deployment of automated vehicles validates SAE International's J3016 standard as the...

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Internet of Things

SAE and IEEE Join Forces to Explore Potential IoT Standards

SAE International and IEEE are jointly exploring a standards framework related to the rapidly emerging Internet of Things (IoT)—the billions of interconnected “smart” devices...


Leading Ford’s Drive for Innovation

Filling the void left by 32-year Ford veteran Paul Mascarenas, Dr. Ken Washington (SAE member, 2014), former Vice President of the Space Technology Advanced Research and Development Laboratories at...