Modine Targets Off-Highway EVs with ‘Plug-and-Play’ BTMS

Deutronic is not alone in developing and integrating thermal-management solutions to meet the specific demands of off-highway EVs. Modine, for example, in 2023 launched a new edition of its EVantage battery thermal-management system with a liquid-cooled condenser (L-CON BTMS) that combines proprietary heat-exchanger technology with smart controls and electronics. The system is designed to withstand harsh environments found in mining, construction, agriculture, specialty and transportation applications, according to Mike Kis, Director of Advanced Thermal Systems at Modine.

“The L-CON BTMS gives our customers tremendous flexibility to meet their performance demands and space constraints and deliver industry-leading reliability for off-highway EVs,” Kis said in a statement. “EV battery-cooling systems used in particularly dirty environments have historically been vulnerable to clogging from debris, and this new design provides significant mitigation.”

Modine’s L-CON BTMS features plug-and-play integration and is adaptable to fit into diverse chassis layouts. It regulates EV battery temperature using both heating and cooling circuits, and the liquid-cooled condenser allows the BTMS to be positioned anywhere on the chassis. Coupled with a master thermal-control unit running proprietary firmware, the L-CON BTMS can optimize the temperature range for an entire bank of batteries with a single unit, according to Gina Maria Bonini, VP and General Manager of Modine’s Advanced Thermal Systems.

In January 2024, Bosch Rexroth and Modine announced a partnership to integrate EVantage thermal-management systems with Bosch Rexroth’s eLion products for electrified off-highway machinery worldwide. The liquid-cooled thermal management system from Modine is said to work seamlessly with the eLion portfolio — including a permanent-magnet synchronous electric motor, electric inverter, onboard charger, DC-DC converter, power-distribution unit, high-voltage cables with plugs, and a controller — to maintain optimal battery temperature, efficiently cool power electronics and ensure passenger comfort.

Modine also was selected to integrate its EVantage L-CON BTMS in Komatsu’s new 20-ton electric excavators that feature a 123-kW electric powertrain and a 451-kWh lithium-ion battery pack supplied by California-based Proterra. Komatsu introduced the PC200LCE-11 and 210LCE-11 as rental machines in the Japanese and European markets beginning in late 2023. The manufacturer plans to expand the electric models in Asia, North America, and Australia.