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Motion Control

New Products: August 2019 Aerospace & Defense Technology

Temperature Elements for Flight-Critical Equipment

FCI Aerospace’s (San Marcos, CA) AS-TE Temperature Element Series sensors utilize precision resistance temperature...

Mechanical & Fluid Systems

Using the Full CAD-CAM-CNC Process Chain in Ultrasonic and Conventional 5-Axis Machining

DMG MORI manufactures a wide variety of conventional chip-cutting and ultrasonic machining centers for OEMs and production job shops serving the...

Test & Measurement

Quality and Validation of Digital Designs for Aerospace and Defense

As aerospace and defense manufacturing becomes increasingly digitized—from the earliest design stages to the factory floor and beyond—data accuracy is fundamental to...

Test & Measurement

Synthetic Vision Guidance Systems Giving 2D data a 3D perspective

Synthetic Vision (SV) displays replace the pilot’s traditional 2D primary flight display (PFD) with a 3D perspective view display. The 3D SV perspective display is rendered...

Technology Update

Enabling high-strength composites to reach their full potential

The use of composite materials for construction of aerospace components began in the early 1980s and is now the material of choice for commercial and military airframe...

Test & Measurement

CompactPCI Steps Into the Future

CompactPCI Serial has proven to be a beneficial technology upgrade for a number of embedded systems designers accustomed to working with the legacy CompactPCI platform. Not only does CompactPCI Serial bring...

Test & Measurement

Using Software Defined Instruments to Address the Mixed-Signal Test Challenges of Today’s Software Defined Radios

Software Defined Radio (SDR) represents an important move forward for mobile and personal communications, promising a major...

Test & Measurement

Composites Design and Structural Analysis Tool

AFRL researchers developed a unique design and structural analysis tool for composite materials, and they subsequently transitioned their product to manufacturers of helicopters and other...