Hydraulic Thermal Bypass Valve

Warminster, PA

A system supplier to the U.S. Department of Defense recently approached ThermOmegaTech® to obtain a custom thermal bypass valve. Installed into a military vehicle’s hydraulic system manifold, the valve bypasses cold hydraulic fluid to reduce system load and quickly bring it up to operating temperature.

An established innovator in the design and manufacture of thermostatic temperature control technology, ThermOmegaTech’s valves are compact, reliable, and fast acting. Completely mechanical and self-actuating, the valves require no outside source of electricity to function. Each valve contains the company’s proprietary Thermoloid® paraffin wax-blend actuator technology, ensuring precise and reliable performance in any application, no matter the environment.

In this particular case, the customer’s thermal bypass valve application had several unique challenges including a high operating pressure, specific flow and pressure drop requirements, and size restrictions to fit into an existing manifold. Custom modifications made to a stock thermal bypass valve for the project included increasing the size of the actuator to handle higher loads, increased flow rate, using a stronger return spring to accommodate operating at high pressure, and implementing an actuator with a custom temperature set-point, all made to fit into the valve’s available 0.75” × 3.0” space.

After successfully testing prototypes, the customer implemented the custom thermal bypass valve into hundreds of military vehicle’s hydraulic control systems.

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