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Automotive Radar Technology: Market and Test Requirements


Automobiles are increasingly being equipped with radar sensors that support drivers in critical situations, helping to reduce the number of accidents. Radar makes it possible to quickly and precisely measure the radial velocity, range, azimuth angle and elevation angle of multiple objects. That is why the automobile industry is widely using this technology in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

For a system designer, all these new techniques play an important role. Next to the selection of the radar waveform, test and measurement accuracy is critical in the development and launch of a new radar system. New radar designs need to ensure that all hardware and software components work in the desired manner under all considered conditions.

This creates specific measurement needs and tasks for the measurement equipment. A technical understanding of waveform design is fundamental. To reduce design uncertainty, test solutions are required that deliver the performance, precision, and insight to solve these advanced design challenges.

This white paper looks at several trends in the automotive radar market as well as the test requirements.

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