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Test & Measurement

Advancing Metrology at Mach Speed

Drone-mounted inspection tools are breaking barriers for the F-35.

Application Briefs

Reverse Engineering Technology

A company was retrofitting older avionics and needed a CAD model of the panel to see how it would fit.

Semiconductors & ICs

Photonic Microwave Generation Using On-Chip Optical Frequency Combs

A key building block of microwave photonics is optical frequency combs, which provide hundreds of equidistant and mutually coherent laser lines.


Fabrication and Electrical Characterization of Correlated Oxide Field Effect Switching Devices for High Speed Electronics

The response of correlated oxides to strong electric fields and their dynamics is investigated using electrical transport measurements and electronic structure studies.


Tips for Reducing Error When Using Eddy Current Measuring Techniques

Inductive eddy current technology is an extremely versatile non-contact method for measuring an object's position, distance, or vibration.

Test & Measurement

The Three Rs of Analog Position Sensor-Based Mechanical Measurements

Learn about Repeatability, Resolution, and Response.

Test & Measurement

SnowMicroPenetrometer Applications for Winter Vehicle Mobility

Characterizing the mechanical properties of snow and their impact on vehicle performance could improve vehicle winter mobility modeling.

Test & Measurement

New Products: August 2019 Aerospace & Defense Technology

Temperature Elements for Flight-Critical Equipment

FCI Aerospace’s (San Marcos, CA) AS-TE Temperature Element Series sensors utilize precision resistance temperature...