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Manufacturing & Prototyping

Making Carbon Aircraft Brakes More Environmentally Friendly

For those onboard a commercial jet, the lowering of the landing gear is a familiar sound signaling the home stretch of the flight. Then comes the sound of wheels on the tarmac,...


Design of New Piezoelectric Composites Using Nanocellulose

Using cellulose crystals as building blocks for the design and development of new low-density functional polymer composites.

Green Design & Manufacturing

New Grasses Neutralize Toxic Pollution From Bombs and Munitions

On military live fire training ranges, troops practice firing artillery shells, drop bombs on old tanks or derelict buildings and test the capacity of new weapons. But those...


Researchers Create Jet Fuel Compounds From Fungus

Washington State University researchers have found a way to make jet fuel from a common black fungus found in decaying leaves, soil, and rotting fruit. They used Aspergillus...