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Manned Systems

The Electrofuels That Reduce Amazon’s Fleet Emissions

Amazon has a goal of having 50% of its shipments being made net-zero carbon by 2030. In 2021, more than 100 million packages were delivered to customers with zero-emissions...


Gearing Dana for the EV Future

As Dana Inc. transitions further into electrified systems, it pays to have a Mechatronics engineer leading the company’s technology charge. Giulio Ornella, Dana’s VP of Global Engineering, has been...


Unzipping the Future of Sustainable Electronics

Electronic-systems designers are facing a serious reckoning: How to significantly reduce the environmental impact of more and more electronic content in new vehicles?


Closing the Loop on EV Battery Recycling

Development of a robust electric vehicle (EV) battery recycling industry has moved from a net-positive sideline to a necessity as automakers, and their suppliers, transition away from internal...

Green Design & Manufacturing

Engineering Sustainability

Watching a junked school bus being fed into a mammoth hammer mill, which loudly pummeled the bus into fragments of metal, rubber, and plastic, was a sight I’ll never forget. I was visiting Huron Valley...


Establishing Closed-Loop EV Battery Recycling

Last spring, Clarios, the world’s largest automotive battery maker formerly known as Johnson Controls, emerged a winner in the second phase of the Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Prize...


Plastics Exec Calls for Standards to Drive New Material Opportunities

The plastics industry is rethinking its next generation of automotive materials to meet new demands in what it calls “the ACCESS framework” – Autonomy,...


Nexcel Project Turns Christmas Trees, Chewing Gum and Flashlight Batteries into Engine Oil

What is the connection between a Christmas tree, chewing gum, used frying oil and 14 flashlight batteries? Answer: together with some other...


New Platform, Chic Sheetmetal for Tech-Centric 2020 Range Rover Evoque

Hanging nose down in a premium compact SUV at the summit of what looks like a near-vertical cliff face—and being told to keep feet off the pedals and mind on the...

What We’re Driving

2018 Volvo XC40 T5 AWD

Volvo is becoming increasingly technology centric. By the middle of the next decade, it expects to generate half of all sales annually from electric cars, with one third of all its cars sold to be autonomous.