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Manned Systems

Neste Targets Hard-To-Electrify Vehicles for Renewable Diesel

Commercial vehicles run under a wide range of operating conditions and duty cycles – not all are well-suited for battery-electric propulsion, particularly in the near term....

Technology Report
Unmanned Systems

CES 2021: GM Creates BrightDrop, a New Electrified Delivery and Logistics Company

During her CES 2021 keynote on January 12, GM Chairman and CEO Mary Barra announced the creation of a new logistics company called BrightDrop. The new...

Data Acquisition

Digitalizing Off-Highway Machines Delivers Actionable Data

Off-highway equipment manufacturers are increasingly working with suppliers of drivetrain systems and electrohydraulic (EH) system suppliers to advance the digitalization of...

Electronics & Computers

Big Data’s Benefits Keep A-Comin’

Electronic systems generate gigabytes of data that are increasingly being used to improve efficiency at many levels, from field operations to maintenance and even vehicle design. A range of...

Technical Innovation
Manufacturing & Prototyping

New Standard Will Ease Grade-Control Data Sharing Between Construction Machines

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) has teamed up with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to create a standard that will...

Technical Innovation
Manufacturing & Prototyping

Cellular-Key Solution Augments Commercial-Vehicle Security

Connectivity’s many benefits are matched by security concerns, which has prompted a number of security specialists from many fields to focus their attention on commercial...


Boeing's Latest Contract Secures New Wings for Remaining A-10 Fleet

After wrapping up a wing swap on 173 Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II close air support attack aircraft, the Boeing Company was awarded with another Indefinite...

Technical Innovation
Sensors/Data Acquisition

Holistic Hydraulic Designs Add More Sensors, Advanced Controls

Hydraulic system developers are moving on many different fronts as they strive to improve performance and efficiency. A full-system approach that includes more sensors and...


Big Data, Big Benefits for Big Machines

The huge volumes of data created by on-vehicle systems are being mined to bring a range of benefits to vehicle operators and fleet managers. Predictive maintenance is becoming more common while...

Internet of Things

Pratt & Whitney Develops Digitally Curated Maintenance Solutions for General Aviation

Pratt & Whitney, a division of United Technologies Corporation based in East Hartford, Connecticut, has launched a new data-rich mobile application...


Artificial Intelligence Could Reduce CV-22 Osprey Maintenance

The Raytheon Company is testing a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool developed to help determine when the multi-mode radar installed on U.S. Air Force CV-22 tiltrotor...

Technical Innovation

Argus Cyber Security Responds Quickly to New Threats Via Over-The-Air Updates

The commercial vehicle (CV) industry provides a unique challenge to cybersecurity companies due to their length of use and multitude of usage profiles that...