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Hyundai Bears down on EV Charging, Sustainability

Inoperative public charging stations are a major irritant to both EV owners and to Hyundai Motor North America, asserts Olabisi Boyle, the company’s VP of product planning and mobility...

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Technology Report
Green Design & Manufacturing

Sustainability Shines in Asahi Kasei Electric Shuttle Concept

Asahi Kasei’s latest concept vehicle is a rolling showcase of the supplier’s materials and electronics innovations, with a strong focus on sustainability. Dubbed the...

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Unmanned Systems

Inner Visions

Evolving market realities have OEMs and automated-driving developers adjusting once-aggressive timelines for deploying high-level driving automation. But new materials and safety technology for vehicle interiors continue...

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Manned Systems

Faurecia Creates ‘Personal Bubbles’ for AVs

App-led exercises that unfold while seated, and audio selections heard via the seat headrest illustrate the types of wellness and comfort options that supplier Faurecia envisions with its...

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