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Chattanooga Power Haus

Volkswagen is rapidly gaining on General Motors, Ford and Tesla in terms of overall EV development and production assets in North America, industry analysts tell SAE Media. With the recent launch of its $22...


Racetrack Simulation Hits the (Public) Road

Simulation techniques have become a vital tool in vehicle development, enabling shorter development time, fewer prototypes, and reduced costs. When used in motorsport, the advantages gained...

Application Briefs

Electric Satellite Thruster

IVO Ltd.
Bismark, ND
+1 701-390-9567

IVO Ltd., a company that specializes in capacitive based technologies, recently unveiled the IVO Quantum Drive, the first pure electric...

Motion Control

Fabrication and Testing of High-Speed Single-Rotor and Compound-Rotor Systems

The X2 Technology Demonstrator recently achieved a level flight speed over 250 knots, proving the basic concept of the coaxial compound configuration.


Industry Invited to Participate in AeroTech Aerospace and Defense Technical Program

SAE International is inviting global participation in its AeroTech® aerospace and defense technology conference and exhibition, which is for the first...

Electronics & Computers

Investigation of Flight Dynamics and Controls for a Solar-Tracker-Mounted UAV

A new study explores the dynamics behavior of the parallel mechanism mounted UAV.


Instrumentation for Fabrication and Testing of High-Speed Single-Rotor and Compound-Rotor Systems

To support the development of next-generation rotorcraft, precision data acquisition is required.

Unmanned Systems

The Electric, Autonomous Revolution Lifts Off

Nearly a quarter-century ago, the Vertical Flight Society, a helicopter-industry group founded in 1943 as the American Helicopter Society, published a graphic dubbed “V/STOL Aircraft and...

Application Briefs

UAV Fuel Management System

Valcor Engineering was tasked with creating a turn-key fuel management system for a new UAV.

Unmanned Systems

Origin of the Species

“I was a vehicle-dynamics engineer my entire career—but maybe not a good one, because they put me in charge of a self-driving car!” jokes Jason Fischer, chief engineer for the Cruise Origin, the autonomous...


Allied Aircraft Piston Engines of World War II, 2nd Edition Has Been Expanded to Include New Images and Information

Originally published in 1995 and held in high regard, Allied Aircraft Piston Engines of World War II is Graham White’s...

Manned Systems

Final Orion Capsule Parachute System Test Successful

A team of engineers from NASA and Dallas-based Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. successfully completed the eighth and final test of the Orion spacecraft Capsule Parachute Assembly System...

Mechanical & Fluid Systems

A New Method for Determining Aeroballistic Parameters From Flight Data

Dr. Gregg Abate, an AFRL exchange engineer, developed a new method for determining aeroballistic parameters from projectile flight data. Assigned to the Fraunhofer...