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Data Boom Drives Bosch to 10,000 Software Engineers in 2022

Ten thousand. That’s how many software engineers Bosch plans to hire worldwide in 2022. The Tier 1 giant needs software specialists as electrified, automated and connected...


Industry Veteran and SAE Member Shares a Lifetime of Aerospace Experience, from Bombers to Space Suits

Looking back on an organization’s history can help to give perspective and chart the path forward. SAE International, initially...


The Rodney Dangerfield of Automated-Driving Sensors?

The emerging era of highly-automated driving comes courtesy of much-vaunted sensor technology—spinning lasers, penetrating radar and sonar blips. But the sensor that gets the least...


Using Electromagnetic Brakes to Keep Thrust Reversers IN PLACE

Applying reverse thrust redirecting engine power to oppose the direction of travel is a standard technique for decelerating aircraft after touchdown. The approach saves wear on...

Physical Sciences

Quantitative Analysis of a Hybrid Electric Humvee for Fuel Economy Improvement

The Army has acquired several hybrid platforms to assess the applicability of hybrid technology for military missions. These hybrid platforms include both series...

Mechanical & Fluid Systems

Parallel Hybrid Vehicles Using Fuzzy Logic Control

A fuzzy logic controller for hybrid vehicles with parallel configuration was proposed. Using the state-of-charge (SOC) of the energy storage, the driver command, and the motor/generator speed, a set of rules was developed. The fuzzy logic controller can determine the split between the electric...

Mechanical & Fluid Systems

Using a Steering Shaping Function to Improve Human Performance in By-Wire Vehicles

Currently, there is a performance issue regarding vehicle control at higher speeds for some indirect-vision, by-wire military vehicles; that is, those...

Electronics & Computers

Fuzzy System for Fault Diagnostics in Power Electronics-Based Brake-by-Wire System

Research in fuzzy diagnostics of brake-by-wire systems focuses on the power electronics switches, since they are often considered to be the weakest link in...