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Williams Debuts New Flexible Platform for BEVs and FCVs

Williams Advanced Engineering (WAE) has unveiled its latest product, the EVR electric vehicle platform. It has been designed to provide an accelerated start to a high-performance...

Robotics, Automation & Control

Steer-by-Wire Systems with Integrated Torque Feedback Improve Steering Performance and Reduce Cost

Hydraulic steering systems have long dominated the industrial utility vehicle market because of their familiarity both to vehicle designers...

Mechanical & Fluid Systems

Using a Steering Shaping Function to Improve Human Performance in By-Wire Vehicles

Currently, there is a performance issue regarding vehicle control at higher speeds for some indirect-vision, by-wire military vehicles; that is, those...

Application Briefs
Robotics, Automation & Control

BEI Duncan’s Steer-by-Wire Technology Improves Fuel Efficiency for AGCO Challenger® Tractor

Off-highway tractors slog through mud, muck, and other rough terrain on a daily basis. Achieving high reliability and performance in spite of...