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Manufacturing & Prototyping

Porsche to Use 3D Printing to Customize Seats

Porsche is enacting a pilot program that employs 3D printing to create a customized “comfort layer” in a bucket seat that allows the user to select from several levels of support based...


NASA Crash Landing Is a Complete Success

NASA just crash landed a Fokker F28 Mark 1000 Fellowship short-range, narrow-body airliner. The event, an experiment to gather crash-safety data, occurred at NASA Langley Research Center’s...

Application Briefs

Mobile Weapons Stations

KONGSBERG Protech Systems (KPS)
Johnstown, PA

KONGSBERG Protech Systems (KPS), one of the world's leading suppliers of Remote Weapon Stations (RWS) recently unveiled their latest system...


RECAT Wake Turbulence Recategorization

Aviation safety is a fundamental concern for all stakeholders. The traveling public demands the highest safety standards, but also wants convenience and reliability at a low price with minimal...


Reduced Order Modeling for Rapid Simulation of Blast Events of a Military Ground Vehicle and its Occupants

Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) pose a significant threat to military ground vehicles and soldiers in the field. Full-system...