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Sensors/Data Acquisition

3D Data Acquisition Platform for Human Activity Understanding

A computational approach for action prediction can extend to machines and also promote further research in human prediction and intention sensing.

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Data Acquisition

Preliminary Development of an Integrated Mobility, Lethality, and Survivability Soldier Performance Testing Platform

Develop a methodology that incorporates objective measures of performance and is sensitive to changes in soldier-system equipment.

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NASA Crash Landing Is a Complete Success

NASA just crash landed a Fokker F28 Mark 1000 Fellowship short-range, narrow-body airliner. The event, an experiment to gather crash-safety data, occurred at NASA Langley Research Center’s...

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Robotics, Automation & Control

Soft Robotic Fish Swims Alongside Real Ones in Coral Reefs

A team from MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) unveiled “SoFi,” a soft robotic fish that can independently swim alongside real fish in the...

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Weapon Center of Mass Calculator

The Weapon Center of Mass (COM) software allows researchers to easily determine mass properties of a weapon system. The tool presents a photograph of the weapon and allows the user to place weight anywhere on the weapon by clicking on the screen. After the weight is placed, the software returns the mass...