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Sensors/Data Acquisition

AV Life After Argo AI

The recent shuttering of Argo AI, one of the autonomous-vehicle industry’s leading tech companies, by Ford and Volkswagen might come as a surprise to commuters in San Francisco and in Phoenix, Arizona. Those who...

Supplier Eye

Good News and Bad News for Auto Suppliers in 2023

The Fall season brings the annual rite of passage for the industry — setting budgets for the next calendar year. The balance of building revenue forecasts driven by vehicle demand,...

Robotics, Automation & Control

An Algorithmic Planner Helps Delegate Tasks to Human-Robot Teams

The technology could be useful in manufacturing and assembly plants for sorting packages, or in any environment where humans and robots collaborate.


VinFast Continues Assertive Expansion Plan

If the name VinFast seems unfamiliar, that’s no surprise. The Vietnamese automaker has been around for barely half a decade, its first product going on sale in its home market in 2019. But as...


Toyota Tops 12th Straight Supplier-Relations Survey

Toyota marks 12 straight years as the top performer in an annual study focused on OEM-supplier working relations. That consistency reflects the automaker’s engineering philosophy....


Labor Cost, OEM Complexities Pressure Suppliers

Fast-food restaurants are paying hourly wages similar to starting rates at automotive assembly plants, and the accelerating shift to electric vehicles (EVs) promises a wholesale...


Nissan’s Reed Is Not Your Typical R&D Boss

Chris Reed is not the typical R&D boss. In his diverse 25-year engineering career at Nissan Americas, Reed has done everything from body design to leading development of the Murano SUV,...

Executive Viewpoints

Diesel in Distress

The semiconductor shortage making headlines largely because of its impact on global automakers’ production and profits is also adversely affecting off-highway equipment and diesel engine manufacturers. If the supply...


Toyota Tops 2021 OEM-Supplier Relations Study

For a record eleventh-straight year, Toyota outperformed six major U.S. and Japanese automakers in a benchmark annual study of automotive OEM-supplier working relations as viewed by...

Unmanned Systems

WCX 2021: Systems Thinking as Powerful as Propulsion Systems

There’s a revolution brewing as engineers develop electric and autonomous vehicles that require layers and layers of complicated systems to come together. “This is the...

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Supplier Opportunities for 2021

We happily put 2020 in the rearview mirror and await the full rollout of the COVID-19 vaccines to gain some level of normalcy. The automotive industry once again underscored its industriousness and...


Toyota Tops 2020 OEM-Supplier Relations Study

Toyota ranks as the top performer among the six major U.S. and Japanese automakers in all scorecard categories of an annual study focused on the OEM-supplier working relationship. “Toyota...

Unmanned Systems

Aptiv’s Autonomous-Vehicle ‘Air-Traffic Control’

It’s well known that the safe operation of an autonomous vehicle (AV) relies on robust sensing, path planning and compute capability. What’s often overlooked is the role of a...

Mechanical & Fluid Systems

Maintaining Supply When a Pandemic Strikes

Just when it seems that the auto industry isn’t facing enough challenges, COVID-19 swoops in out of the blue. No extraneous shock that’s hit the automotive sector in the past decade –...

Unmanned Systems

New-Mobility Visionary Burns: Automated Driving ‘Getting Close’

Asserting that the potential for outsized economic and social gains connected with automated driving are huge, Lawrence D. Burns, delivering a keynote address at this...


An OBE for the SAE

Perhaps it’s not surprising that someone who joined a professional engineering society at age 16 would eventually lead one. And so, Paul Mascarenas seems an ideal fit as SAE International’s 2019 president. It’s...

Manned Systems

Toyota Unveils Autonomous E-Commerce Concept Vehicle, Development Alliance

Toyota used the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), to reveal an all-new, battery-electric commercial vehicle targeted for emerging e-commerce and mobility...

Technology Report

Unstoppable Formula-SAE Team Leader Earns Rumbaugh Award

An uncertain product development budget didn’t derail the Southern Polytechnic State University (SPSU)’s Formula SAE team from scoring the school’s highest overall finish in...

Eye on Innovation

Three Steps to Cost Control: Addressing the Root Cause of Unexpected Product Costs

We often hear a common story from small and mid-size manufacturers. The VP of sales nails a really big order that will secure the company’s future...