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Engineering Sustainability

Watching a junked school bus being fed into a mammoth hammer mill, which loudly pummeled the bus into fragments of metal, rubber, and plastic, was a sight I’ll never forget. I was visiting Huron Valley...

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Geopolitics: The Other Existential Threat

As I write this on Valentine’s Day, 105 Russian army battalions backed by over 500 tactical aircraft and 40 warships are poised for a blitzkrieg-style invasion of Ukraine. I don’t think...

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Assessment of Non-Traditional Isotopic Ratios by Mass Spectrometry for Analysis of Nuclear Activities

The objective of this work is to identify isotopic ratios suitable for analysis via mass spectrometry that distinguish between commercial...

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Application Briefs

Gas Turbine Exhaust Recovery Design Improves Propulsion Efficiency

In January, Concepts NREC (CN) was awarded a Phase I Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant from the Navy to improve the power efficiency of its gas turbine prime...

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Test & Measurement

Europe’s Latest AV Testing Facilities Key for Swift Autonomy Adoption

Trust, safety, security. Those words form a mantra that needs to be in the forefront of the mind of every engineer, researcher and designer responsible for creating...

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