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From Emissions Tech to EV Electronics

A recent visit to Eberspaecher’s North American engineering and manufacturing complex reveals how a global Tier-1 rooted in combustion-engine technology is profitably navigating the transition to...

Test & Measurement

Ka-Band Front-End Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits (MMICs) and Transmit/Receive (T/R) Modules Testing

Gallium nitride monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) technology has superior performance in power amplifier applications.


Effectiveness of Inter-Vehicle Communications and On-Board Processing for Close Unmanned Autonomous Vehicle Flight Formations

Developing an effective cooperative communication system for unmanned aerial vehicles can increase their autonomy, reduce manpower requirements, and improve mission capabilities.

Application Briefs

Rugged Network File Servers

Ampex Data Systems
Hayward, CA

Ampex Data Systems (Ampex), a Delta Information Systems Company, recently received a Full Rate Production Lot 7 (FRP-7) contract from...

Application Briefs

Secure Wireless Command Post

Pacific Star Communications, Inc. (PacStar)
Portland, OR
(503) 403-3000

PacStar®, a developer and supplier of advanced communications solutions for the U.S....

Application Briefs

Embedded Computing Subsystems

GE Intelligent Platforms
Huntsville, AL

GE’s Intelligent Platforms division recently secured orders from General Dynamics UK valued at £64 million...


System Interconnects for Today’s Military Vehicles

Continuous improvements in on-board systems are required for military vehicles, because the types of threats they face are always changing. Enemies keep adapting their high-tech...

Electronics & Computers

Open Network Architecture for Army Vehicle Electronics

Army vehicle electronics networking is complex and challenging due to vendor-specific devices and interfaces. Military vehicles require 100% network uptime and security. The network must reduce vehicle clutter, focus on saving soldiers’ lives, and provide minimum latency. Battle...

Electronics & Computers

The Next Frontier of Networking—The Airborne Network

It is the next frontier of networking—a frontier where communication nodes may move at Mach speeds, wireless line of sight covers hundreds of miles, and weather affects communications...