Powertrain, Propulsion Lead Tech-Paper Topics at SAE’s WCX 2022

As engineers converge for the 2022 WCX gathering, technical-paper presentations continue as the backbone of SAE’s annual conference.

Advanced-propulsion/powertrain topics led all categories of 2022 SAE technical papers; there were 800-plus technical papers published leading up to the 2022 WCX conference scheduled for April in Detroit. (SAE International)

For 2022, advanced powertrain/propulsion-related topics continued to dominate the categories of published SAE technical papers, more than doubling the number of papers in the next most-prolific general topic area. Some 281 powertrain/propulsion papers were written for 2022 publication, comprising 35% of the 803-paper total. Many will be presented at the WCX 2022 conference  in Detroit, April 5-7. The conference once again mixes live, in-person attendance with a wide variety of virtual-programming  options.

Despite the difficulties imparted by the COVID-19 pandemic, 2022’s technical-paper production was down less than 10% compared to 2021. The powertrain/propulsion category includes papers addressing ICEs and hybrids. Extensive contributions continue in IC-related areas of combustion for spark-ignited and compression-ignition engines, fuel-injection and use of alternative and advanced fuels.