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Design and Build High Power ATE Test Systems


Developing a high-power automated test equipment (ATE) system poses numerous challenges for test engineers. However, testing is essential to ensure a product is safe and meets its published performance specifications. Testing helps avoid high in-warranty repair costs and supports product quality and the company’s reputation in the market, which translates into market share and revenue. While testing is accepted as a necessary function, management charges their test engineers to design their test systems for maximized test performance, minimized costs and capital cost, as well as consumption of the least amount of production floor space and high test system reliability.

Managing these potentially conflicting objectives can lead to challenges, including meeting the production schedule and achieving production throughput targets. Failure to attain both goals ultimately reduces revenue. A critical element in designing a high-power ATE system is managing the power components. Defining the power requirements for the ATE system significantly affects how well the objectives of maximized test performance, minimized costs, and high reliability are achieved.

EA Elektro-Automatik has energy-efficient, compact power instrumentation with the features the test engineer needs to achieve a high-performance ATE system within the allotted budget. EA helps the test engineer maximize performance and minimize annual operating costs over the life cycle of the ATE system.

This white paper provides insights into how test engineers attain demanding ATE system objectives.

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