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SPRINT™ - A Solution for End-Users and Machine Tool Builders


The SPRINT™ Machine Health Check application provides a unique solution for end-users and machine tool builders who are looking to design sustainable machining processes on 3-axis and 5-axis table/table milling centers.

This application allows machine tool performance verification in less than one minute using a simple test based on the exceptionally accurate measurement capability of the SPRINT system.

Fast enough to be used automatically prior to machining — in order to detect warm-up issues or any other previously unidentified problems — the application can also be used as part of a regular maintenance regime, to provide long-term sustainability and monitoring of manufacturing processes.

The technology provided by the application is particularly suitable for the collection of data to determine machine capability and to assist in planned maintenance activities. This data can assist end users working with expensive materials to ensure that a machine is in a suitable condition to manufacture the required component, and machine tool builders who are looking to provide long-term machine condition monitoring, sustainable processes, and self-monitoring.

The SPRINT Machine Health Check application provides game-changing capability for companies in all high-value manufacturing sectors, such as medical, aerospace, mould and die, and power generation.

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