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Horticultural Innovation and the Use of Light Measurement Devices


Solar Light Company, LLC designs and manufactures precision solar simulators, meteorological instruments, sources, standards, and calibration services to monitor the impact of sunlight on human health and the environment.

As the rate of innovation in horticultural farming continues to increase yields and the diversity of plants, new technologies and product capabilities for lighting and growth systems are necessary to ensure that lamps and LED banks are efficiently and effectively aiding in the production of healthier, faster growing crops.

Solarmeter® by Solar Light Company, LLC ensures healthy plant growth can be achieved by providing handheld meters that are simple point-and-click devices that are also NIST-traceable and able to measure both indoor and outdoor light sources.

The Solarmeter® Model 9.4G Blue Light GrowMeter has been used to monitor blue light intensity necessary to produce strong, healthy stems and leaves while the Solarmeter® Model 9.6G Red Light GrowMeter monitors the red light intensity that produces beautiful flowers and delicious fruit.

Solar Light Company, LLC also offers the Solar Light Model PMA2132 Digital Quantum Light Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) Sensor for accurate measurements in greenhouses, growth chambers, and open environments with full data logging capabilities and alarm set-points available for up to two channels.

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