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The Expansion of Hydrogen Permeation Testing on Non-Metallic Materials


The need to realize the potential of cleaner, smarter energy sources like hydrogen is now more urgent than ever. If countries are going to meet their net zero emissions targets, hydrogen is going to be required to play an essential role. However, the successful deployment of hydrogen will be critically dependent on the appropriate infrastructure, equipment, and materials (including elastomers, thermoplastics, and composites), and the assurance and testing required to ensure their safety and longevity. It is also dependent on building expertise and understanding which will allow the industry to grow at the rate required.

This white paper explores the challenge of hydrogen, primarily its ability to permeate through non-metallic materials much faster than other gases traditionally associated with fossil fuels. Hydrogen permeation testing will be essential for manufacturers in oil and gas, aerospace, and transportation as they transition toward greater use of hydrogen. It outlines how the testing works and what testing standards are required to understand the product’s service life and structural integrity.

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