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Simulating Solar Cells with A Bidirectional DC Power Supply


As the effects of climate change intensify, carbon-neutral, renewable energy sources become more important. Since solar cells convert sunlight to electrical energy with low efficiencies under 50 percent, the solar cell generation system needs to be as efficient as possible. Testing the ability of the inverter to maximize the output of the solar cell is the critical performance requirement for the inverter.

A power supply can provide a controlled voltage output to enable testing of an inverter’s performance. However, the power supply needs to have the output characteristic of a solar cell to provide the most realistic source for determining inverter performance. A power supply that can simulate the output characteristics of a solar cell offers a more realistic simulated source to allow more accurate testing of solar inverter performance.

This resource discusses how using a power supply instead of a solar cell provides a controlled, repeatable output for testing solar inverters. The application note also goes over how to use an EA-PSB 10000 series bidirectional power supply to simulate solar cells.

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