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Fundamentals of DC Power Supplies - Interfaces, Safety and Arbitrary Functions


The growth in productivity has led to a dramatic improvement in the quality of our lives over the last few decades. Being able to produce more with fewer resources in a shorter amount of time makes our labor more valuable and the product of our labor cheaper. One of the factors contributing to the growth in productivity is automation.

Automation in the test and measurement industry has become widely used. Nowadays practically every modern measurement instrument can be controlled remotely.

Rohde & Schwarz power supplies offer a variety of interfaces to remotely control the instruments and to connect external devices to meet the requirements of varying test environments. Power supplies can be configured with appropriate hardware interfaces like GPIB, USB and LAN for remote control while the digital I/O interface can be used to set up trigger systems. Some power supplies can be equipped with an analog input for amplifying the power of the input signal or tracking an analog input voltage.

Depending on the power supply model, different types of interfaces are available. This white paper takes a closer look at interfaces, safety and arbitrary functions.

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