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How Repeatable is Your Emissions Lab Performance?


Is your emissions lab ready for the measurement challenges ahead? As technologies and regulations change, you need flexible, accurate, and efficient solutions to keep your testing efforts on track and help future-proof your overall facility.

The ultra-low NOx era is coming for the heavy-duty industry. Along with it, more stringent demands on measurement systems for accuracy and repeatability. Causes of variation once considered slight now have meaningful impacts on emissions performance. This is especially true for zero drift, background drift, and the presence of interference gases common in vehicle exhaust.

To illustrate the impact on measurement systems, consider how a low-NOx standard impacts demand on emissions lab performance as a whole. A good benchmark for emissions lab test-to-test repeatability is to target a variation of 5% of the emissions standard. By requiring this level of accuracy and repeatability from your measurement system, the test article becomes the primary source of variability — making any changes in emissions results reflect a real change in test article performance, and not simply lab drift.

A solution robust enough to meet these requirements involves a highly capable combination of the correct tool set, best practices, and access to a wealth of expertise. With over 75 years of experience in gas analysis, and more than five decades in motor exhaust gas analysis specifically, HORIBA offers an unequaled level of measurement expertise and a long history of collaboration with the heavy-duty industry. We are ready to help you meet the ultra-low NOx measurement challenges ahead.

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