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White PaperMechanical & Fluid Systems

Getting to Zero Prototypes: A Goal Once Thought Unrealistic is Now Arguably Within Reach, Thanks to Dramatic Advances in Driving Simulator Technology


The automotive industry is facing paradigm-shifting challenges in vehicle development as cars become more complex and the landscape more competitive. Consumer demand for vehicle diversity, led by the astonishing rise in EVs, is driving OEMs to push for ever shorter development timeframes. This puts pressure on vehicle development engineers to develop more cars with more features quicker and at less cost. Yet a major barrier and hurdle to accelerating vehicle development and indeed vehicle innovation remains the physical testing bottleneck.

This White Paper outlines how vehicle developers can address these new challenges. Adopting modern vehicle development tools and techniques which leverage the recent advancements in computing power and technology reduces the prevailing reliance on physical prototypes. The modern driving simulator is the essential tool with the promise to deliver on the ultimate vehicle development goal: a development process with zero prototypes.

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