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White PaperRobotics, Automation & Control

2in1: confocal sensors for submicron displacement and thickness measurements


In this era of Industry 4.0, sensors deployed in the manufacturing environment must perform high speed measurements and deliver high precision results so as to ensure reliable quality assurance. Controlling processes on modern production lines requires constant feedback of the machines and robots fabricating parts, as well as the status of the parts themselves. Distance sensors play a critical role in these applications, detecting positions and displacements to ensure everything remains on track.

Discover in this paper the possibilities of the confocal chromatic measurement technology. Confocal systems are ideal feedback devices for both automated processes and quality control inspection systems in a wide range of industries. Special features:

  • Ultra-high displacement and distance measurements with submicron resolution
  • Worldwide fastest measurement up to 70 kHz
  • Measurements on practically all types of surfaces, also valid for mirrored and glass surfaces
  • Passive measurement, ideal for vacuum
  • Extremely small spot size

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