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Auto-Tuning Variable Frequency Drives


Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) make applications all over the world work better, more efficiently, and with their keypad displays, make the equipment easier to interact with.

Almost to a tee, manufacturers of these wonderful devices recommend that you perform something called an Auto-tune. Why is that? What is that? It isn’t anything scary or complicated; it just helps the VFD control the motor with specific motor settings.

Just like the automotive companies not knowing where to put the adjustable seats in your brand new car, the VFD manufacturer can’t guess the best default settings for motor information, so they just use some industry standard.

An example might be that the manufacturer of a 40-HP, 480-volt drive might default their motor full load amp setting per NEC table 430.250 and set it at 52 amps from the factory. That would probably not match your new premium efficiency motor. Setting the amps correctly is just the start to getting proper performance.

This document details the importance of performing an auto-tune for your variable frequency drive to ensure efficient operation.

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