White PaperMechanical & Fluid Systems

RTX – The Ideal RTOS Platform for the IoT Era


Next-generation industrial, vision, medical, and other systems that depend on determinism seek to combine high-end graphics, rich user interfaces, Internet of Things (IoT), and cloud connectivity with hard real-time performance, prioritization, and precision. Today’s industrial PCs running 64-bit Windows, complemented by a separate deterministic scheduler on multicore multiprocessors, can deliver that precise real-time performance on software-defined peripherals.

IntervalZero’s RTX64 is remarkable because it transforms Microsoft Windows into a real-time operating system (RTOS) and this platform is able to execute deterministic machine control yet can run IoT and non-deterministic Smart Edge and other applications concurrently.

This white paper is an overview on how IntervalZero’s RTX64 delivers on the promise of IoT and Industry 4.0. Learn how RTX64 is ideally suited for the future of machine control because it capitalizes on commercially available industrial PCs to address both the deterministic requirements of machine control and the emerging, strategic requirements of IoT.

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