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ACRYLITE® Molding Compounds Guarantee Maximum Light Efficiency for Zumtobel’s Robust, Moisture-Proof AMPHIBIA PM Luminaire


Luminaires in industrial buildings are often exposed to dirt, humidity, extreme temperatures, or even chemicals. The materials have to withstand all these impacts as well as be break and shock-proof.

Zumtobel, a leading international provider of lighting solutions for commercial properties, developed its robust AMPHIBIA moisture-proof luminaire for wide range of industrial applications. The long LED diffuser luminaire lights up factories, logistics centers, agricultural buildings, parking garages and much more. Zumtobel produces the AMPHIBIA PM, from ACRYLITE® molding compounds, the brand polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) from Röhm in the Americas. “Our material meets the high standards needed for industrial lighting and also offers outstanding lighting properties,” says Andrea Fruth, Senior Product Manager Lighting, Extrusion, Optics at Röhm GmbH.

Both the housing and the diffuser of the AMPHIBIA PM are made from the ACRYLITE® Resist zk5BR special molding compound. It is where the versatility of the highly transparent, impact-resistant material, which can also be equipped with diffuser particles for an opalescent look, really comes into its own. “Our one-material concept for the housing and diffuser was unique when AMPHIBIA was launched. It ensures optimum resistance throughout the luminaire’s entire lifespan,” explains Thibaut Escourrou, Global Product Manager at Zumtobel.

Zumtobel’s experts have developed a range of light scenarios for the AMPHIBIA series, tailored to various room dimensions and ceiling heights. ACRYLITE® Resist zk5BR is extraordinarily transparent and combined with its high surface reproduction accuracy in injection molding, the special molding compound is ideal for high-precision optical components. In the AMPHIBIA luminaires, linear microstructures at the bottom of the transparent cover guide the light to cover a deep or wide area, exactly as needed. “PMMA is the only real choice of material when it comes to lighting technology. It allows us to achieve maximum light yield and efficiency,” agrees Wolfgang Bechter, Global Project Manager at Zumtobel.

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