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Lupine Produces Bright Bicycle and Outdoor Lights with Precision Lenses Made from ACRYLITE®


Lupine Lighting Systems from Germany is a technology leader for outdoor lighting systems, such as e-bike and bike lights, headlamps and helmet lights, as well as flashlights. Virtually all lenses for Lupine lights are made from ACRYLITE® molding compounds, the brand polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) from Röhm in the Americas.

“We develop a unique lens system for each of our lights, thereby creating optimal beam properties for the respective applications,” explains Joshua Koch from Lupine. Lighting technology service opsira calculates the parameters for the high-performance lenses, which are then injection-molded with ACRYLITE® by UPT Optik for Lupine.

“ACRYLITE® is unmatched in its transparency and ability to conduct light,” says Heinz Schubkegel, Senior Business Manager at Röhm. “The optical properties and the ability to precisely process the product in injection molding applications make it a proven material for all types of optical components, from floodlights for sports stadiums to high-quality bike lighting.”

ACRYLITE® molding compounds comply with all important ECE regulations for applications in vehicle lighting, such as the SAE J576 on the AMECA list. This saves manufacturers from having to issue expensive material inspections during approval.

LED bike lights can compete with car headlights when it comes to functionality and performance. “But optical components for bike lights are much more complicated to produce as we have only a quarter of the size of a car headlight to work with,” says UPT Managing Director Horst Wodak. ACRYLITE® molding compounds ensure precise mold surface reproduction for even the finest structures. UPT values their good moldability and flowability and their extraordinary light transmittance of up to 92 percent.

Outdoor lights need to survive falls or impacts without damage and withstand both extreme cold and intensive solar radiation. ACRYLITE® offers a high surface hardness, as well as excellent UV and weather resistance without yellowing or becoming brittle.

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