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When Additive Is……. Well, Additive to Traditional Manufacturing


By Mark Norfolk, CEO, Fabrisonic

Some of the popular 3D printing modalities require that the object be fully 3D printed or fully manufactured using traditional methods. There is a misconception in the industry that all Additive Manufacturing (AM) processes require this all-or-nothing approach. However, many AM techniques can be utilized to augment traditional manufacturing as opposed to completely replacing them. One such technology that is often used in series with other processes, is Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing (UAM).

The UAM process involves building up solid metal objects through ultrasonically welding a succession of metal foils into a three-dimensional shape with periodic machining operations to create the detailed features of the resultant object. The additive stage produces near-net-shape parts using a raster-like pattern like laying bricks in a wall. An integrated CNC stage can be used to impart geometry during manufacture and for final part finishing.

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