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Streamline and Optimize Your Production Line


Conveyors are designed to move products from point A to point B and beyond. But how do you move a product while it is still being assembled, painted, tested, or all of these? What about when you need to move a variety of different sized products on a single conveyor? And what if the product needs to be worked on while it’s traveling from A to B and perhaps, it needs to be rotated as well?

Then you need a pallet-handling conveyor system. Pallet-handling conveyors take conveying to the next level.

Workpiece pallets are designed to handle product assembly and various size products. They are often outfitted with “tooling.” Tooling is what securely holds the product in place on the pallet. Often, these pallets feature wear-resistant surfaces that ride on the chain – which extends the life of the pallet and the conveyor chain. Typically, pallets will also be outfitted with locating bushing, bumpers, and RFID tags – all of which add to the functionality of not only the pallet, but also the system.

Pallet-handing conveyor systems, such as mk’s VersaMove line, allow for precise positioning of product, product rotation, as well as the ability of the product to travel around corners and easily change line elevations.

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