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Magnetic Encoders Support Stabilization Control of a Self-Balancing Two-Wheeled Robotic Vehicle


In the design of a self-balancing two-wheeled robotic vehicle, accurate high-speed measurement of angular rotation is a key requirement. Furthermore, the minimization of component weight and size is an equally vital consideration. Engineering students at Tokyo Denki University found the answer in the RM08 rotary magnetic encoder from Renishaw’s associate company, RLS.

By using the RM08 high-speed rotary magnetic encoder to measure angular rotation at 12-bit resolution, the students were able to design a motion control scheme for a two-wheeled robotic vehicle capable of self-balancing and staying upright. The RM08 encoder is IP68-rated and designed for integration into a wide range of high-reliability, high-volume OEM applications.

This case study highlights how the rotary magnetic encoder addressed the vehicle’s demanding physical design constraints. Being a highly compact and lightweight component, it helped the students overcome both space and load-carrying limitations. The success of this project has given the students the confidence to explore other advanced robotics projects.

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