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Three Key Decisions for Building a Deterministic Machine Vision System


Machine vision is used in most manufacturing industries to boost quality, productivity, and performance and is becoming a major differentiator for machine builders in the Industry 4.0 era. Having an open-source, deterministic machine vision solution on PC offers strategic value to a machine builder that is seeking to differentiate its next generation machine.

There are two prevailing architectures that can deliver machine vision: the smart camera and PC-based solutions. While smart cameras can deliver amazing functionality, they tend to be expensive islands of automation, so they are not as versatile as a PC-based architecture. This is especially true in the Industry 4.0 era, which will demand more edge analytics and data sharing with the cloud.

This white paper defines the process of machine vision and answers three key questions that optimize a machine vision solution for high-performance and high-precision machines that demand determinism or hard real-time computing.

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