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White PaperRobotics, Automation & Control

The Future of Autonomous Driving is Almost Here


How Artificial Intelligence, Digitalization, and Simulation are ramping up to enable validation of game-changing advances in autonomous vehicles.

Autonomous driving is changing the way we think about mobility ; As automakers have continuously introduced Autonomous Vehicles (AV) domain controllers with Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based autonomous driving system, it has created a huge challenge in terms of decision-making process. This leads to a biggest challenge that automakers face: the traditional engineering of sensors and software is already enormously complex, but now it is also the management of massive amounts of data required to validate AI-based systems… AI systems play a pivotal role in AV development as the field evolves and algorithms learn all by themselves. But questions remain: How is the automotive industry dealing with the pace of change? How are automakers managing the evolution of AI systems in the car? How do automakers definitively demonstrate the safety of their autonomous vehicles?

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