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EMI Shielding Trends & Design Considerations


Shielding is necessary to prevent EMI from causing electronic devices to malfunction. Such malfunctions can range from the innocuous — an odd noise on a car radio — to the serious — an accident related to failing safety equipment.

As technology evolves, EMI shielding becomes increasingly important. The looming impact of the fifth generation of wireless technology, the extending reach of the Internet of Things, and the growing electrification movement all have implications for EMI shielding. EMI shielding, as a key component of engineering design, should be considered at all levels of design from the PCB layout to the enclosure. Engineers are faced with an array of shielding options to suit their needs at each design stage and for each application, be it commercial, energy, defense, or others.

This paper aims to give engineers a look at what technological advances will challenge current approaches to EMI shielding and provides a detailed overview of the materials currently on the market.

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