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E-mobility: Overcoming data acquisition challenges in EV/EV Ecosystem


With the increasing needs of testing solutions for e-vehicles, vehicle development and construction confront a variety of test and measurement challenges. New components for electric vehicles or those in which the design and functionality have changed significantly – including high-voltage batteries, electric motors, transmissions, coupling or ancillary units – demand that test stand infrastructure is adapted, or requires completely new test procedures and new hardware for data acquisition in development, certification or production. These include, for example, high-voltage-capable, highly-isolated measurement technology and observing specific safety measures for those involved in the installation.

We present in this paper tried and trusted test solutions for development and certification, ranging from measurements conducted on energy storage devices, drives and components in the high-voltage range which are safe for personnel, through to power measurement and driving dynamics tests on e-vehicles and components.

These use-cases provide examples of standard problems and solutions to overcome the measurement challenges in the e-mobility environment.

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