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The DC Energy Meter: A Key Part of the Dc Fast Charging Infrastructure


Developing a charging infrastructure is a prerequisite for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). Accurate measurement of power and secure billing of consumers are two key elements in any charging operation. This article will outline the EV charging infrastructure and its regulatory environment, review techniques for measuring EV power and highlight Isabellenhütte’s DC energy meter that provides an accurate and secure means of meeting the various performance and regulatory requirements.

Isabellenhütte has been partnering with innovators since 2014, where the solutions to these problems can serve as an “advance guard” proving ground for emerging technologies. The energy meter is a key part of a DC fast-charging system for EVs, but the design must satisfy a long list of regulatory requirements covering both performance and data security. Isabellenhütte’s IEM-DCC-500 meter meets the applicable standards in both the U.S. and Europe and combines a compact tamper-proof solution with easy integration into both new and existing installations. More information on the IEM-DCC-500 can be obtained here.

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