White PaperElectronics & Computers

Design Considerations for Harsh-Environment Connectivity


By highlighting a variety of harsh environment use cases, this whitepaper from LEMO aims to encourage designers to consider several critical factors at the beginning of their design process rather than as an afterthought.

As humans continue to explore the depths of the oceans, the heights of the mountains, and the far reaches of galaxies, the technologies we use in these extreme conditions push computing and connectivity to its limits. For the computing systems and robotics used in these applications, however, failure is not an option. Engineers must use creative, collaborative strategies to succeed in these harsh environments and meet continually increasing requirements.

The connector industry is being called on to provide power and data products that can meet or exceed demanding and ever-changing requirements. Within lightweight and compact form factors, connectors need to meet electrical, optical, and mechanical requirements and must be able to perform in challenging environments where extreme temperatures, punishing vibrations, and chemicals may be present.

Durable, high-reliability connectors are critical in systems that connect sensors, valves, cameras, thermocouples, and other components to computer controls. A catastrophe can result if a connector does not meet the strict standards indicated for its specific usage.

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