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Providing EMC Solutions for mmWave and Multi-Gigabit Applications in a Variety of Use Cases


Complying with FCC limits for radiated emissions has long been an increasingly difficult challenge for designers of digital systems. Selecting the right component in the hopes of meeting a final FCC system test for radiated emissions has perplexed system design engineers for decades. The study of Radiated Electric Field Pattern simulations, often used for antenna analysis, is employed herein to evaluate the radiation properties of individual components across a family of low-cost, high-performance interconnects. Various techniques are evaluated to improve the shielding performance of the interconnect components.

Today, the explosive growth of data centers, 5G wireless, cloud connections, high-resolution video, and automotive electronics with their accompanying thirst for bandwidth, continue to tax the ability of devices and components to maintain an atmosphere of electromagnetic compatibility.

Inclusion of shielding components today is often a non-optional part of everyday electronic design. I-PEX is keenly aware of the need for quality, micro-miniature, precision interconnection systems and their need for electromagnetic compatibility as today’s systems commonly employ multi-gigabit data rates. To alleviate confusion for designers of these high-end systems, I-PEX has developed the ZenShield® family of connectors. ZenShield® connectors are specifically designed for mmWave and multi-gigabit applications for a wide variety of applications in 5G, video display, and hand-held device markets.

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