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New High Power Single-Emitter Diodes for Ytterbium Fiber Laser Systems


New fiber-coupled, single-emitter FACTOR diodes from Coherent offer pump powers to 400W at 976nm over a 200µm fiber, making them ideal for lightweight high-power laser applications. These new diodes are compact and lightweight, provide high efficiency (>50%) and are designed for conduction cooling. VGB locking further reduces thermal influence on wavelength performance. Other wavelengths and power outputs are available within this FACTOR diode family.

Recent progress in facet coating allows single emitter laser diodes to have higher COMD thresholds and enables higher emitter power. This results in lower power consumption per emitter, allowing for a smaller power supply. These diodes have an alternating mounting scheme that allows for a compact array within a small footprint and minimizes mounting damage to the diode. Learn more about this new family of diodes and how their performance can improve your next laser system.

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