Agile Development Framework

LDRA (Wirral, UK) and Codice Software (Los Gatos, CA) have partnered to provide Plastic SCM's Agile development capability to Embed-X, an ALM product focused on the development and verification of critical, embedded software systems. Plastic SCM tracks and maps the complete development history within Embed-X, giving developers simple click-through access to critical details. It tracks software change and configuration over the entire project lifecycle from requirements and design through analysis, code development and testing, coordinating version control and software branching and merging as the development project evolves. It offers a small footprint and can merge information among geographically distributed development teams, making it suitable for the development of modern complex critical software in vertical markets such as avionics, defense, automotive, medical, telecom, and networking.

Embed-X supports Agile development through rapid prototyping, extensive branching/merging, version controls, role-based project task assignments, and empirical process controls for actual tasks. Incorporating LDRA's patent-pending verification management technology, Embed-X traces requirements through static and dynamic analysis to unit testing and system verification to achieve a fully certified application.

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