Robotic Rifle

SWORD Defense Systems
Sparkes, NV

SWORD Defense Systems recently unveiled its Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle (SPUR). The SPUR version released is a product of a partnership between SWORD Defense Systems and Ghost Robotics. Intended specifically for military applications, the SPUR is a series of versatile, multi-caliber, remote-operated systems designed to be affixed to a variety of air, ground, maritime, and static platforms used by the armed forces. The Ghost Robotics Vision-60 was selected for its superior maneuverability over difficult terrain and enhanced adaptive articulation for stable targeting.

The SWORD Defense Systems Special Purpose Unmanned Rifle (SPUR)

The unveiling of the SPUR garnered international attention, and the opinions expressed to date have varied from excitement to apprehension over the practicality and ethics of developing future remote weapons platforms. SWORD is considerate of a myriad of debates that arise from the buzz words of Artificial Intelligence and autonomy. Most importantly, the SPUR is required to be operated by a trained service member, utilizing a ground control station linked via a secured wireless connection that exceeds military encryption standards. This interface allows a service member to chamber, clear, fire, and safe the platform from a protected distance while maintaining reliable control. Software and hardware safeties exist to ensure trustworthiness of the system and to restrict function without direct operator involvement.

The SPUR MOD 0 uses the 6.5 Creedmoor caliber, intended for precision fire engagements. The MOD 0 supports a variety of combat applications from force protection to first entry — the moment riskiest to the lives of U.S. service members. With precision engagement at up to 1200 meters, the SPUR touts a cutting-edge day and night sensor package that allows the operator to view their adaptive reticle accurately for both close and distant targets.

The interoperability of SPUR offers agnostic integration across many base platforms. This versatility allows the service member to modularly attach and detach the system quickly and easily. Common interfaces allow for secure IP network connections to support encrypted links to a military-approved ground control station. As the SPUR cannot engage any actions without a human-in-the-loop, it has been designed with strict adherence to policies set forth by the U.S. government. The SPUR was designed by warfighters, for warfighters, and is not intended for commercial applications.

SWORD: Special Warfare Operations Research and Development is comprised of U.S. Special Operations Veterans who have extensive real-world combat experience amassed from various campaigns during the global war on terror. By integrating cutting-edge technologies to innovate the future of warfare, SWORD specializes in designing systems that increase the survivability of U.S. service members.

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