Weapon System Spare Parts

JENOPTIK Advanced Systems GmbH Wedel, Germany
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The mechatronics manufacturer, VINCORION, has received an order to supply spare parts for the PUMA infantry fighting vehicle’s weapon aiming and tracking system, which is used by NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), among others. The order has a total value of approximately 5.3 million euros. The company planned to deliver the first components by the end of last year.

The PUMA, developed by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) and Rheinmetall Landsysteme (RLS), is one of the world’s most advanced infantry fighting vehicles. The IFV has been supplied to the German Army in its standard configuration since 2015. The mechatronics manufacturer VINCORION is the main supplier of 14 different assemblies for the 170 kW high-performance power system, as well as for the digital electrical gun turret drive system.

With around 5,000 soldiers, the VJTF is part of the NATO Response Force (NRF), a high-readiness force comprising land, air, sea, and special forces units capable of rapid deployment. The alliance’s member states provide their forces for the unit on a rotating basis. Starting in 2023, the German Armed Forces will assume a leading role in the VJTF.

To this end, the combat effectiveness of 44 PUMA infantry fighting vehicles is being enhanced to meet the operational requirements of the rapid response force. In this context, additional quantities of spare parts are required to guarantee the vehicles’ unrestricted operational readiness.

VINCORION, a brand of the technology group Jenoptik that focuses on mechatronic solutions and products and related services, can look back on 60 years of business history as a supplier to the aviation, defense and security technology, and railway industries. Its portfolio includes individual assemblies that customers can integrate into their end products, as well as complete systems and end products. Its areas of expertise are energy and drive systems, stabilization systems, and aviation systems.

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