Counter-Drone Technology

Citadel Defense
National City, CA

Malicious use of small drones continues to impact military, government, and commercial operations. After extensive testing, evaluation, and operational assessments from more than two dozen customer groups, Citadel Defense has received $9.2M in orders for their industry-proven C-UAS capabilities since the beginning of the year. Citadel’s Titan C-UAS technology will be used to protect high-value assets in urban, rural, and maritime environments. In austere and uncertain environments, Citadel’s autonomous, full-spectrum protection can accurately detect and defeat small UAS targets before they become a threat.

Titan is an autonomous, artificial intelligence-enabled counter drone solution that forces drones to safely land without disrupting nearby communications or electronics. The system can be set up in less than five minutes with a hemisphere of protection beyond 3 km horizontally and 1,000 ft vertically. Titan has also been engineered for fixed, mobile, and dismounted operation, and has been tested to meet MIL-STD 461/810 requirements. The system successfully detects controller, video, and WiFi links for individual drones and swarms.

The key to success in this market is keeping abreast of new technology. As new drones are released to the market, Titan systems receive new software to address the new threats. If Titan’s AI algorithms do not detect the threat right away, the company claims that it can deliver an end-to-end capability in 72 hours for most drones and less than 4 weeks for the most complex drone signals. The use of AI, deepnets and adaptive countermeasures provide Titan with scalable force protection that can address the needs of the small unit, a large base, or even a mobile vehicle.

“Our AI approach allows us to quickly address new threats without the risks or uncertainty that comes with hacking the drone link,” explained Christopher Williams, CEO of Citadel Defense. “Citadel is able to reliably keep customers ahead of the ever-evolving threat faster than other solutions in the market.”

The company’s Titan system is now being effectively integrated into layered solutions that combine radar, optics, and kinetic countermeasures to help customers detect, identify, track, defeat, and report on sUAS threats.

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