M1 Abrams Tank Engine Updates

Honeywell Aerospace
Phoenix, AZ

The Honeywell-powered M1 Abrams tank has been a mainstay of the U.S. military’s heavy armored forces for more than 25 years. Over that time, global defense strategies and battlefield engagements have changed, meaning the M1 Abrams now requires more power, extended mission range, and greater dependability.

To make sure the tank is ready for the next 25 years of service, Honeywell was recently awarded three contracts totaling $91 million to ensure that the tank’s AGT1500 engine will continue to deliver high performance, while its generator powers the tank efficiently in all combat conditions. The largest contract Honeywell received was a $61 million agreement that is part of the Total InteGrated Engine Revitalization (TIGER) durability and cost-savings program. Under this contract, Honeywell will provide almost 330 parts to support engine repairs and overhaul of the AGT1500 engine at Anniston Army Depot. With more than 40 million miles of use, the AGT1500 has demonstrated its operation performance and reliability, making it the engine of choice to power the M1 Abrams tank.

Honeywell also was awarded a $16 million contract for the EA-J7 Digital Engine Control Unit (DECU), control testing and spare parts for the circuit card assembly to support the DECU. As part of this agreement, Honeywell will provide software and hardware to deliver engine control and vehicle interface capabilities for the AGT1500 engine.

The third contract of $13.9 million will have Honeywell provide generator kits for the M1 Abrams. The generator kit gives the platform more power to run advanced, upgraded electrical systems that increase the tank’s lethality and survivability. It also ensures there are spares to continue powering tank components as needed to maintain mission readiness.

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